Professional Resume for:

Bob Lewis        

Summary of Professional Experience
  • Over twenty years of business experience, ten in business management

  • Seven years teaching experience (classroom and online) at the undergraduate level in Spanish

  • Teaching experience (classroom and online) at the undergraduate level in religion, and Internet programming.

  • Teaching experience at the doctoral level (Erskine Theological Seminary) in the field of cross-cultural studies

My business experience spans a number of industries, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals (three Fortune 500 companies)

  • Intraocular lens implants (during their experimental phase)

  • Clinical chemistry analyzers (Smith Kline)

  • Banking management software (for the credit union industry)

  • Management of software development (for the electrical wholesale industry)

  • Software development (for religious and theological research, and for non-profit charitable concerns, including the United Bible Society)

  • Web development and management in numerous fields for a variety of clients.

My business management experience includes:

  • President of a non-profit organization with healthcare and educational outreaches in Honduras. During this time I founded a private elementary school in Catacamas, Honduras (which currently serves about 250 students) and initiated a rural medical service that now serves much of eastern Honduras.

  • Executive director of a medical and educational outreach in the Dominican Republic.

  • President of two firms in the field of software development: one for biblical and theological research (developing products for the American Bible Society and for the Latin American Bible Society) and the other for enterprise level management systems for the electrical wholesale industry (among our clients was Stuart C. Irby Co., which was at that time the 18th largest electrical wholesaler in the nation).

  • Manager/owner of an ISP (Internet Service Provider) service in NW Florida, and for seven years the Web site developer and webmaster for a graduate school in Memphis, Tennessee.

  • Business consultant for an Amarillo based non-profit organization (Christian Relief Fund) — produced a 50 page institutional business review for the board of directors.

  • Business consultant and manager of a manufacturing facility in Trujillo, Honduras, with approximately 100 employees.

Other business experience, some of it brief, includes:

  • Life insurance sales (Metropolitan Life)

  • Sales representative for Quip Systems (owned by Exxon Corp.) - one of the pioneers in the development of the fax machine - before most people knew what a fax machine was.

  • Sales and logistics for Transport Americas, an air cargo firm in Puerto Rico.

  • Dispatcher and forklift operator for Griffin & Brand, a large produce firm in SW Texas.

  • Account Executive for WBBH-TV, an NBC affiliate in Ft. Myers, FL, where I also worked part-time in program direction, video production, news photography, on-air promos, and on-camera commercials for several of my clients, including J. C. Penny.

  • Directed student recruitment for Southern Christian University from 1984-86.

  • Professional musician for University Club, University of Alabama.

  • Member of the Speakers Bureau for CIBA Pharmaceutical Company and for the Florida Heart Association (received numerous awards from both).

The above business experience includes residency in six different countries in Latin America:

  • St. Croix

  • Puerto Rico

  • Dominican Republic

  • Bolivia

  • Honduras

  • Mexico


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